This Really Happened

new album

This Really Happened 🔥

by Fuze the Mc

About This Album

This album comes after a long hiatus. One where amazing and wondrous things were happening simultaneously with tragic and horrible ones. I used to think that this album should have been out, but I now realize everything happens in accordance with the divine plan. We need this music now more than ever. When the empty places seem to be growing in the world and in our hearts, the right frequencies and vibrations can help to heal. I worked tirelessly with my friends and family on building something that would be both genuine and enlightening. I pray that peace finds you where ever you find the message and that you can more clearly see the light in your own life. I've packaged my experiences, my pain, and my learning in these 12 song so that they might make your life a little better.

With Love,
Fuze the Mc

PS. Please text me your positivity it's what I do it for! 404 777 2474
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