Fuze the Mc is a music artist and business mogul from Atlanta, GA. Known for being able to gracefully move between the worlds of music and tech,  he has graced the pages of XXL and also won AT&T hackathons. He’s been featured in Black Enterprise but also speaks at Stanford University. His sounds are like what would happen if Frank Ocean , Lupe Fiasco, And Childish Gambino adopted an genius alien child and taught it to make music at Rick Rubin’s studio Shangri La. He’s been dubbed the tech Jay-Z and a refreshing breath of lyricism in Hip-Hop.

Fuze the MC

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  • Jill Scott vs Erykah Badu [ Versuz ] - May 2020

    Provided Digital Strategy and Merchandising Assistance. Resulting in a cultural moment of healing , 1 Billion Impression 750k concurrent viewers and sold out Merchandise.

  • This Really Happaned Released - March 2020

    A reflective and euphoric journey through real moments in my life. It was made over the 4 years, while living in the bay area. With features from Lil B and voice clips from everyone from 9th Wonder to J.Cole, a masterpiece. 

  • Performed at Square (Cash APP)

    Performed for their black apollo night and took home the price. I debuted my lyrics with hologram. 

  • Speaker at Stanford with Mick - FEB 2019

    Cool panel about being an online influencer and the internet at large. Part of the Stanford Arts, Media and Entertainment Summit.

  • Speaker at Google with Mark - Feb 2019

    This discussion of art and tech intersections, involving artists, curators, technologists, and cultural entrepreneurs will speak to the means by which Black arts, culture, and tech are increasingly intersecting in new and exciting ways.  In particular, the panel will focus on the ways they have used technology to innovate and transform their fields, and used technology to share the creations made in their “labs” with the world.


    Diaunte Thompson - Beast Mode Productions

    Jackie Long – Actor / Entrepreneur - Atlanta

    Yetunde Olagbaju – Artist / Curator

    Fuze the MC – Artist / Inventor

  • Performed at IFTF - March 2019

    Institute for The future

  • Worked w/ United Masters Growth TEAm - 2018

  • Launched Sun Village - Fall 2017

  • Co-Created The Meme Game - Aug 2017

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  • Speaker at UC Berkeley - Nov 2016

  • Speaker at SF Music Tech - OCT 2016

  • Toured with Blackalicious - Summer 2016

  • Lance IS A Genius Released - June 2016

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  • Named Black Enterprise MM - OCT 2015

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  • Featured in The Source - March 2015

    "Young Gifted and Black"

  • Zoo Labs Alum/Mentor - Aug 2014

  • Co-Founded Electrospit - July 2014

  • One Back Man Released - Dec 2012

  • Legend of A King Released - Nov 2011

  • Tell Me Something Good - Jun 2011

  • Featured in XXL - May 2011